back to school photo op | new jersey photographer | mikifoto

It's September.  It's Labor Day Weekend. It's Back to School.  I am trying to embrace the excitement of a new year but my heart breaks a little too. Time just seems to be moving at warp speed.  My boys are growing up, entering higher grades and just becoming independent lil men.  I just want to freeze the time and keep them close to me.  But with school starting in only 2 days, it is time to let them go and thrive.

One great way to preserve the moment is to take a photo on the first day of school.  This has become a tradition for us.  There are a many ways to capture this special day and you can find some here and here. The way I like to do it is to keep it simple and easy.  I get out my dry erase board and write the grade (you can use pen/paper too).  My boys each take a turn posing in front of my house and in minutes, we're done.  Also if I can, I like to take a quick couple of snaps of them at their school.

I also do this for the last day of school so I can see how much they've grown over the year.  And, they do change so very much!  First (and last) day of school photos are a great tradition and perfect way to start the year.

My boys are entering 6th grade (middle school), 3rd grade and preschool.  I will be sure to share our pics this week. Enjoy and happy first day!