Are You a Faceless Brand? | NJ Brand Expert


If you're not showing up as the face of your brand, you may be hurting your business. 

Visibility builds trust.

Visibility creates connection.

Visibility allows for engagement. 

Visibility makes you feel familiar.

In today's noisy marketplace, we’re constantly bombarded with messages at lightning speed. The key to cutting through the noise and attracting your audience to your business is visibility. It’s how you turn an impersonal business into a brand that captures hearts.


What ways can low visibility hurt your business?

  1. They won’t trust you. If you’re nowhere to be found on your website, in your social feeds, or in your emails, people will begin to feel suspicious about you. Being absent from these mediums projects the image that you’re hiding something. That’s no way to build trust with your audience.

  1. They’ll forget you. If you’re not seen, your audience will simply forget about you. The online space is full of competitors vying for your customer's attention. They need to be reminded that you’re equipped with the skills and expertise they need. Like it or not, out of sight means out of mind. 

  1. They won’t understand your worth. If you’re not showing up online, you won’t be able to position yourself as an expert. Hiding often communicates playing small. Becoming the face of your business shows that you have confidence, you’re successful, and you’re accomplished.


Three simple things you can do today to move from faceless to the face of your brand:

1) Update your Head Shot. Add or update your image on your About Me website page and on your social media profiles. Make sure you use a current photo. While you're at it, share some news about your biz! This is a great strategy to get eyes back on your biz after a hiatus. Most people will see your new image in their newsfeed, and it will create interest in your brand and services.


2) Brand Your Email. Add a branded signature and photo to your email. Close out your messages with your smile! Add a signature that incorporates your brand colors and fonts as well as your social links. This reminds your audience who you are and how they can stay connected with you. 

3) Hello Video! Record an introduction video of yourself with your elevator pitch. It should answer the following questions with your audience in mind:

• Who are you? What is your job title?

• What do you do? What transformation do you provide?

• Who do you serve? Who is your ideal client?

• What is unique and different about your business (what’s your special sauce)?

• What do you want your audience to do next (what’s your call to action)?

Post this on your Facebook biz page (pin it right up at the top!) or use it in your Instagram Stories. When people see you and hear you, they get a real sense of your personality, passion and purpose. 



Check out your website. Do you have images that share your professionalism, personality and process? Does your visual story pull your audience in and engage them? Remember, prospects are visiting your website to learn more about YOU. They are clicking around but won't stay if they are bored and uninspired. 

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