all in the family * gainesville, fl family photographer

it's been a whirlwind here in the malhotra household. new baby, long nights, new house, renovations in plan and family in town. we're all trying to grasp the new rhythm. and luckily, i've had the help of my mom for the past 2 weeks. she's been a godsend...doing dishes, laundry, cooking, entertaining the big boys, burping the baby, even watching the bachelorette with me.  with her by my side, my stress levels were way low. but all good things come to an parents left early this morning for NY. i miss them terribly already and we all feel a bit blue.  it's tough living far.  it's even tougher knowing they'll be missing so much with our new little boy and of course, our older ones. these are the days i wished i was just a car ride away.

but here is an image that brings pure joy to my heart. all of my babies with my parents and the look of happiness on all of them.

thanks for reading,

mikifoto by mallika malhotra