7 Tips for a Gorgeous Head Shot | NJ Brand Photographer

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Let's be honest. The first place we click on Facebook, websites, Instagram, Linkedin, etc is the profile picture. We want to know who the person is behind the business. We are curious and eager to learn if they are someone we can like and trust. 

A proper headshot communicates that you are professional, legitimate, A good headshot can present you as likable, approachable and confident. A great headshot can inspire action, encouraging your viewer to click, contact or call you.

So how do you take that winning headshot photo? What is the recipe for the headshot that #clicks with your audience inspiring them to connect with you? After capturing hundreds of women of all industries, ages, sizes, colors etc, I have come up with seven tips to create a gorgeous headshot that not only turns heads but turns hearts. 


what to wear to a photoshoot

The biggest mistake I find at a photo shoot is that my clients didn't try on their outfits. On the day of the shoot, they are in panic because things don't fit well or look right. Please do a trial run before the photo shoot. You must make sure everything fits properly and flatters your best features. Walk, dance, twirl, MOVE in your selected outfit. Make sure it feels comfortable, makes you feel confident and looks good. 

#2 : Don't be afraid of COLOR. 


Headshots no longer have to be styled in boring blacks, greys and neutrals. You now have the opportunity to select bold and bright colors for your portrait. I love a pop of color to attract attention and to communicate a bit of your personality. If you prefer softer and muted shades, that can work too but consider adding an accessory as an interesting detail.

#3 : Don't be afraid of PATTERN.

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I say yes to pattern because it can make the photo interesting and dynamic. It can also show off your stylish side. Consider subtle prints that are not overpowering and distract from your face. They can add personality to your portrait. Just pair with jewelry that is subtle and simple.


modern headshot

I am a sucker for a well fitted dress. It feels feminine and powerful. It oozes confidence. I always recommend at least one dress in your styling options. Not only will it convey professional but also aspirational. 



Definitely invest in professional hair and makeup services. You want to elevate your look so you need to hire a stylist who has experience. Don't be alarmed if your makeup is heavier then normal. This registers better on camera. But be clear on your goals and vision for your look. Makeup artists and hair stylists are not mind readers so you need to speak up and tell them what you want. Even better, bring photo examples of hair and beauty looks to share and discuss. This communication will help avoid any mishaps or surprises. 



Your photographer will direct your posing at the photo shoot. But it definitely helps if you come to the session with some practice and preparation. A day or two before the shoot, look at yourself in the mirror and practice smiling, tilting your head, raising your chin, etc. Explore different angles of your face. Elongate your neck and practice good posture. Relax your shoulders and breathe. It's normal to be nervous but a little practice can help. These simple steps can help you feel more natural and fluid in front of the lens.

These are my seven tips to help you feel more confident and ready for the camera. When you feel prepared and good inside, it shows up on the outside making the photography process so much easier.

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