6 Ways to Develop Your Expertise | NJ Brand Mentor


Are you tired of looking like everyone else, offering the same services as everyone else, and getting lost in the same crowd as everyone else?

Then the time has come for you to zero in on your zone of genius.

To establish your brand as a leader in today's noisy space, you must position yourself as an expert.

Experts are trusted. Experts are noticed. Experts are hired.

So how do you discover the secret sauce that will skyrocket you to expert level and set you apart from the rest? By taking the time to really consider these 6 questions, you can begin to define your area expertise:


1) What are your passions, your hobbies, and your personal interests that excite you and get you fired up?

What are you constantly reading about, talking about and learning more about? Think about those topics that you just can’t seem to get enough of.


2) What things do clients, friends, and peers come to you with over and over again?

Can you find a pattern in the questions that people ask you?

In your network, how are you labeled? For instance, are you the organizer, the connector, the problem solver, the creative, or the calm one?


3) What kind of work do you enjoy doing everyday?

What type of work are you doing when time seems to escape you? When you feel the most joy?


4) What projects in your business generate interest, curiosity and awe? from the people What do you do that makes people say, "Wow! That is so cool!"


5) How are you already ahead of the game?

What skills do you already have that others have still yet to discover?

What trends do you know of? How are you a trailblazer, innovator or influencer?


6) What is THE skill or talent or proficiency that you’re known for?

What do you do that makes outsiders take note of?


Take the time to really look over your answers. Study them and search for common themes and patterns. Connect those dots to pinpoint your best possible area of expertise.


Maybe, like many other entrepreneurs, these question have led you to realize there are actually a few potential options in your wheelhouse for you to choose from.

Whatever you do, DON’T let the fact that you may have more than one possibility cause you to stop in your tracks and do nothing. If you’re wavering between two or three options in your quest for expertise, give yourself time to consider the options. Revisit the questions above to see which option is the very best fit for you. Then, once you’ve settled it, OWN it! Make the decision to stand for it and build it into your message.

Remember, brands that are specific and specialized are the ones that are trusted. These are the types of brands that create the most impact for their audience. Once you build trust, you begin to build a relationship.


If you’re struggling to find your zone of expertise, or maybe you need help crafting your brand story around that expertise, I’d love to invite you to my next round of Brand Confidential, a virtual group mentorship program starting in April.


During the 10-week program, my goal is to help you get clear, consistent and visible so you feel confident with your message and emerge as an amazing leader. If you’d like to apply to be part of my Brand Confidential crew, please fill out this application.

Want to hear more?  Say hello to a couple women who are currently enrolled in Brand Confidential and who are making great strides in their business.


Svenja Lyon,  Graphic Designer at SvenjaLyonDesign

Svenja Lyon Design is a graphic design studio that develops and creates unique brands for female coaches and trainers in the health and fitness industry.

“I joined BC because I wanted to get a clear vision on where I am and where I will be going with my business. I wanted to find my niche. Even though we are only half way through the program, everything is so much clearer already, and I have a goal that I can work towards to. I found my niche. I absolutely love that Mallika guides you in the right direction with awesome questions and suggestions. Without her, I would still not have a clear understanding on where I want to go.”


Lori Ramos, Business Efficiency Expert of Relezant

Lori is a systems guru who created a company that turns female online business owners from overwhelmed to well-oiled machines. Whether one-to-one or in her coveted online mastermind, Lori bring clarity to the “how” questions that relate to marketing, onboarding clients, and keeping those hard-earned customers for the long term.

“I joined BC because branding myself is not my expertise. I know the importance and value of being guided to craft the core of my company, so it's easy for me to share and do business with others. I already have a vivid, crystal clear image of what I can accomplish and provide and can SAY it to people just a few weeks in! I don't take it lightly that what I have to offer changes peoples lives, so getting trained by Mallika to help more people is a true gift.”

As you can see, Brand Confidential isn’t just another online course that collects dust — it’s the real deal. If you’re ready to dive in deep for 10 weeks and get clear on your message and story once and for all, apply to be part of my April program HERE.