6 Signs You're Ready to Build Your Brand | NJ Brand Mentor


When you’re just starting out in business, branding may not be your top priority. In the beginning, there are so many other elements vying for your attention. 

For starters, if you’re bootstrapping your business venture, you may simply not have the time or money to think about branding at all — you’re putting all of your resources into developing your skills or doing client work instead. 

As time goes on, and the dust of starting your business begins to settle, you eventually get into a steady groove. You start to feel more confident in your skills, and you begin to realize your value and potential. 

Then frustration sets in….

Even though you know you have what it takes to make your business successful, you continue to face the same struggles: 

  1. Your competitors are stealing your clients

  2. Your clients are haggling, nickel and diming your offerings

  3. You hear crickets during launches and don't fill up your programs

  4. You are in constant re-brand mode

  5. You suffer from impostor or copy cat syndrome

  6. You never feel confident about your story or message

Sound familiar? 

If these common business struggles continue to plague your biz over and over again, it may be time to face this harsh reality: The look of your business — what the world sees and feels when they look at you — doesn’t tell the real story of who you are as an entrepreneur. 

You’re in need of a brand intervention. 


A Magnetic Brand

To craft a brand that not only stands out but also attracts clients to you, you must develop a magnetic pull to your business. This kind of business draws customers in and, eventually, creates such an urgency that your clients begin to bang down your business door (skyrocketing your earning potential in the process!).

To create a business like this, you need to embrace attraction branding. The common pain points I listed above are a sure sign that attraction branding is the element your business is lacking.

By showcasing your IT factor, your special sauce, and your unique mojo, you can create a brand that is memorable, buzz-worthy and irresistible. 

Attraction branding includes: 

  • Understanding your ideal client from the inside and out, so you’re constantly relating to them and speaking their language. 

  • Crafting a brand with real substance, a compelling story and a defined, attractive style. 

  • Creating an experience for your customers that gives them a sense of belonging and isn't just an exchange of money for goods/services.


But how do you get there? How do you create a brand that achieves all of these things while still running your business and keeping your current clients happy?

The key is building a firm foundation for your brand. These three areas are the base, or foundation, of an attractive, magnetic brand. Focus here to develop a strong base to build upon:

1) Identity. Who are you? What do you stand for? Dive deep into the many layers of your business. Think about your previous work experience, your personal values, and your unique personality. See how you can connect the dots and pull them altogether to identify your own personal identity as an entrepreneur. This is how you create a compelling story that is distinctively yours.


2) Individuality. How are you different from the rest in the marketplace? What is it about YOU that your current clients rave about? Do an analysis of the competitive landscape in your field. Be honest about your strengths and weaknesses. This is where you’ll start to uncover your niche and how you’ll figure out a way to position yourself to win. The goal isn’t to be everything to everyone — it’s to be distinctive and own your space! 


3) Image. How are you showing up to the world right now? There’s no way around it: to build your brand, you’re going to have to stop hiding and literally become the face of your brand. Consistently. Daily. 

Show up as the heart of your brand through storytelling, and watch your connection with your audience flourish. It’s amazing the impact being transparent and open can have on your biz. 


Great brands don’t just happen overnight, but there comes a point in everyone’s business journey when they need to jump into branding with both feet. If the common business struggles I listed above keep popping up and causing frustration for you, investing the time into creating a magnetic brand can be one of the best decisions you make for your business. 

Ready to build your own magnetic brand?

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