5 Ways To Get Your Pics Off Your Phone And Into Your Hands | New Jersey Photographer mikifoto

Summer is half over and if you are anything like me, then your iPhone and Facebook account is full of photos. And if you participated in the photo a day challenge, then you for sure have weeks of images documenting your everyday summer adventures. Well it is time to start printing those pics! There is nothing like holding a beautiful photograph of your family or sharing an album that tells the story of your summer. It is so important to have photographs that you can physically touch, share and pass on to the next generation. Images on a screen are pretty but they won’t give you that same connection. Here are 5 ways to get those images off your mobile device and into your hands:

1. Blurb

These guys have been around for awhile and create all kind of books. I used them last year to make my Summer 2012 Photo A Day photo book. I chose their Facebook photo book . Because I created a Facebook album exclusively for my summer photo a day project, it was simple to access it and upload all the pics. In a few clicks, I had my entire summer’sphotos all put together in a cute album. Another bonus is the price won’t break your bank. Books start at $12.99. Check out their Instagram books too!

2. Mosaic

This is a new app that lets you create a modern photo book fast and easy right from your mobile device (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad). Just scroll through your iPhone photos and pick your favorite 20 images with a simple tap. You organize your album, flip through the pages and order just by just tapping on your screen. I haven’t ordered one yet but it’s on my list, especially because it only takes only 4 days to arrive and costs less then $25. Check out this cool video detailing the process - http://heymosaic.com/.

3. Prinstagram

This one if for all the Instagram lovers. After you allow Prinstagram access to your Instragram pics, it seamlessly imports your feed so that you can order and print products. Also very simple to use without any hassles. If you’re looking for a poster of every Instagram pic you’ve ever taken or a flip book of your favorite images, this is the place for you. They have a very cool lineup of products. I have also heard within my photography community that their quality is good.

4. Printic

If you are looking for good old fashioned prints, then check out the Printic smart phone app. The process is easy – pick your photos, crop them and select your recipients all on your phone. Then by mail, snail mail style, these vintage, polaroid prints will arrive to yourself, friends and family. All prints are 99 cents each and 3×4 inches in size. No shipping costs. I love how you can gift these prints and surprise your loved ones.

5. Postalpix

This app was originally created for parents who were busy capturing the everyday moments of their child’s lives (sound familiar?). Postalpix made it easy for Moms and Dads, and now everyone, to order prints straight off our smartphones and mailed directly to our homes. They print on the highest archival paper in the market so the photos look really good. Plus, they offer iPhone cases and cool Aluminum plate prints ($8-$25).

Many of these apps are super easy. Most of these products are inexpensive. So there really is no excuse NOT to print out your summer memories. Even all your iPhone pics for that matter. Believe me when I say, there is nothing better then to sit down with your family and look through a picture album. Photography is truly the best way to relive the moments of yesterday. Without our photos, it is too hard to remember all the details of our precious days.

If you know of any other apps that you love, please share in the comments. I hope this information is useful. I hope it inspires you to print out your pics today. You will be so happy that you did!

Mallika Malhotra, owner of mikifoto, captures the love and life of your family. Through her camera and creative eye, she tells your story through pictures. Her vibrant personality makes photo sessions fun and children simply adore her. Her work has been featured on The Alternative Press Millburn/Short Hills, South Mountain Says, Mom Inc, Elizabeth Street and Bella Child Magazine. See more of her recent work on her blog feed or sign up for her newsletter.