5 Ways to Engage Your Audience on Social Media | NJ Brand Photographer

Engagement....what is it and why does it matter?

Engagement is simply connecting with our audience. The interaction between people and brands/businesses on social networks. It can be done through likes, follows, comments and shares on Instagram, Facebook, your blog, etc. 

Engagement is so much more important then the number of followers because its this daily dialogue that builds interest and trust. You want to build a community of people who really get you and your brand, not just apathetic followers. As business owners, we must provide consistent valuable content to our audience in a helpful, personal and real way. Think of it as an ongoing conversation. The more you chat and connect, the deeper the relationship. Soon your audience converts into customers and becomes loyal fans of your brand. 

Here are FIVE ways to engage and connect with your audience:

1) Inspire them with motivating quotes. Share what you believe in and what lights you up. Find words and quotes that align with your purpose and values. This will help your readers get to know you better and understand why you do this work in the first place.

2) Ask questions. Include an easy way for your audience to contribute and be part of the conversation. Invite them to share their advice, their opinion, their favorite this or that. Everyone likes to be part of the party!

3) Reveal yourself. Connect to your audience by sharing more of YOU. Tell them stories about what you love. How you started? What are you dreams? What are your challenges? Get transparent and be authentic. Share yourself on a deeper level and you will start building relationships with your audience. 

4) Reveal the process. Take your audience on the journey and the #bts of your work life. Give them a sneak peek or a VIP back-stage pass. Show them how you do things, how you set up, what your desk looks like. When you share the process openly, your audience becomes more invested in YOU!

5) Recognize your peeps. Social media is meant to be social so interact, respond and post comments. Do a shoutout by tagging people in your post (this could be your clients or your collaborators), share people's photos with credit, show support with comments. There are so many ways to connect online so engage in some on-line networking and show some love!

These are just a few ways to interact with your audience to create connections and hopefully convert them into clients. Just remember that strong engagement requires consistency and action. Keep providing valuable content! Nothing happens overnight. It takes time and patience to build trust and position yourself as an expert in your industry. 

Do you have any tips for engagement? If so, share with us!