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We all want that eye - catching, drool worthy, attention getting headshot that gets over 100 likes on social media. We want even more a portrait that really looks and feels like our best selves. Here's my formula to achieve both.

5 Tips for a Killer Headshot

1. Hire a Professional Photographer.

Do some research and find a photographer who has experience with headshots and branding photography. Make sure you like their work and style. Ask for referrals and find out what the experience was like. Did the photographer ask about your business and understand your brand story? Is he/she good at posing and giving direction? Did you feel “yourself” with him/her? Good photos are based on trust so make sure you like the person behind the lens.

2. Invest in Hair and Beauty.

You not only want to look your best on photo day but also feel your most confident too. Hire experts in hair and makeup so that you don’t have to worry about that part of the process. Bring sample images and communicate your vision with them. A bold lip is always a good idea and photographs well. Strive for a fresh face versus overly glamorous. You want to make sure your photo looks like you, just the best version of you. And don’t forget to color your greys and get your nails done beforehand.

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 3. Try on your Outfits.

Don’t wait until shoot day to test drive your outfits. This will completely stress you out if something doesn’t work. One week before the shoot, select clothing that reflects your personality and brand (now is not the time to take style risks). Try everything on. Pick clothes that flatter, fit well and make you feel confident. Look in the mirror to see how the clothing drapes as you sit down. Watch for any pulls or tightness. Don’t forget accessories. Bring an extra outfit just in case. Bonus if you incorporate your branding colors in some way.

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4. Remember your Why.

It’s easy to get caught up in the stress and anxiety of a photo shoot. But take a step back and remember why you are taking this photo in the first place. You have a message and a story that needs to be shared with your audience. Squash that inner critic and show up as the leader you are! The world needs to see you as the face of your business.

5. Have Fun!

Try your best to relax at your shoot. Laugh and move. Laugh some more. Forget about perfection and focus on being you. Do your best to reveal your true personality. If overly nervous, ask your photographer for help. Think about happy thoughts and moments. And breathe! This is your moment to shine and enjoy the spotlight.

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