5 Reasons You May Need To Vision Board | NJ Business Mentor

Most of you know, I have a passion for Vision Boards. It wasn't always this way. I actually used to think vision boards were cheesy and a bit woo-woo. But a few years ago, I was feeling a bit stuck. I knew deep inside that there was more for me to do with my business. My brand needed to evolve and grow. The dreams that were buried deep in my head and heart needed to come out.

That's when I invited five friends to my home and together we all dived deep into the vision boarding process. We added some good eats and wine and the entire experience was amazing. It was eye opening, empowering, fun and creative. We were able to focus on ourselves and our own personal hopes and dreams. We put ourselves FIRST! The process of designing the board, putting voice in our dreams and taking action...well that was a game-changer.

So now, I lead and create this experience for others. I help women gather together for an inspiring workshop where we can dream bigger, get creative, connect with others and take big or small steps towards our goals.

I realize our lives are super busy and it's tough to carve out the time. But our dreams are important! Growth  - both personal and professional - is vital. So.....

What is a Vision Board anyway?

It's a collection of images, words and pictures that reflect your dreams, aspirations and goals. I call it a visual road map or treasure map guiding you to those big dreams that you have in your head and heart. 

Why should you make one?

  1. It’s finally time for you to focus on Y-O-U. Dare I say put yourself first before the kids, the clients, the home, the hubby...just this once. We are always taking care of everyone else. Don't neglect your dreams and nurturing yourself. And yes, you deserve it!
  2. Maybe you're in a rut? You've been feeling stuck and un-motivated. Frustrated and down. Get your creative juices flowing and feel a new wave of inspiration be surrounding yourself with other goal-getters and pouring time into your dreams.
  3. Maybe you are in a transition? You are at a fork in the road. Maybe you are finally ready to start a business, switch careers or get back into the workforce. Or maybe your newly divorced or an empty nester.  Whatever the case may be - this process can help you died the road of change and gain the confidence to take that next big step. 
  4. Maybe you have an itch that you should be doing something more or something different? Explore that gut feeling through this fun creative process. Give yourself permission to dream bigger! Put voice to those aspirations in a safe supportive space.
  5. It's the start of a new year! A new year means a new slate and a new opportunity to grow. Take advantage of this special time to invest in yourself and your goals. Make the first step and design your board. Then declare those dreams and come up with action steps. We must be dreamers AND doers! 

hese are just a few reasons on why you should take the time out and create your own personal vision board. I highly encourage you to try and do this with friends. There is magic in the room when people are being creative and connecting with each other. Plus, you can help each other be accountable to the big dreams you declare.

This intimate, inspiring experience is exactly what I try to create at my DREAM BIGGER workshop. A gathering of motivated women ready to explore their dreams and share them out loud. We also have a private Facebook group which helps you build relationships and get support if you need it. Plus, I have some great sponsors offering gifts and swags for my guests (art prints, motivational cards, candles and more!). All in all, it will be an amazing fun creative workshop held in Short Hills, NJ on January 27th. If you are interested in joining us, tickets can be purchased HERE.  I would love to have you and hear about your dreams!