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Happy Holidays, friends!  What a hectic time of year this can be! In addition to the parties, recitals, and family gatherings that fill our calendars, this is the time of year when we’re constantly bombarded from every direction with attention-grabbing sales and promotions. Whether we’re looking at social media, our email inbox, the television, printed ads, or billboards, it is a noisy world out there  Everyone seems to be putting their best foot forward and vying for our attention. For every brand that catches your eye, there are hundreds more that go unnoticed.


Well, it takes a lot to stand out these days.

In our businesses, we can't sit back and hope our products and services will be the selling point on their own. Instead, let’s take our cue from the brands that fill our inbox during the holidays.  We must grab our audience’s attention, engage with them, and build a relationship. We must take the time to craft and tell our story, build a connection and cultivate community; that’s how successful brands are made.

So, how do you get there? How do you achieve that coveted stand-out status for your brand?

One key element that often gets ignored is BRAND PHOTOGRAPHY. Nothing gives you the same level of visibility as branded visuals. Brand Photography is essential to building brand awareness. As you tell your story through images, your customers will understand you better.

A crafted visual brand will help you rise above the noise and be seen as the ONE to hire.


Here are 5 reasons to celebrate brand photography :

1) Professional images will establish you as a PROFESSIONAL. In the eyes of your customers, you’ll be perceived as a legitimate and experienced business owner when you make this investment. Selfies and DIY pictures just won’t cut it — they are for newbies and hobbyists.

2) Brand photos establish the know, like, and trust factor. Now that you’ve become the FACE of your brand, your audience can build a relationship with you. Business is not purely transactional; it’s emotional. Your customers want to see you and connect with the heart of your business.  


3) Imagery gets ATTENTION. When you paint a picture of who you are, what you do, and why you do it through powerful visuals, it will not only make your viewers curious, but will give your brand depth and soul. These stories make you memorable and keep your audience engaged.

4) Visuals demonstrate your unique personality. People do business with other people. When you can capture what it feels like to work with you in an image, it will put potential customers at ease. Images communicate the emotion and vibe of your brand quickly and easily.


5) Brand photos are the gifts that keep on giving. There are SO many channels of communication that can use your brand visuals. Once you have an image library, you have the tools you need to share your story everywhere. Consistency and cohesiveness will help you rise to the top in your industry.

When you sit down to do your end-of-year planning, preparing your business for the future and setting 2019 goals, I encourage to really focus on your VISUAL BRAND.

What does it look like now, and where do you want it to be in one year? Are you portraying yourself in the best light? Does your audience have a good sense of who you truly are?

If you don’t feel excited about your brand, 2019 is the year to embrace brand photography as a way to revive your business. It’s a sure way to bring your brand to life!

Need help telling your unique story through photography? Schedule a discovery call with me at bit.ly/bookwithmiki.

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