5 Photo Content Ideas for the Entrepreneur | NJ Brand Photographer


"I don't know what to post."

This is the comment I hear most with my clients and with my audience. It's a struggle to figure out what stories to share and what photos to take and post. Sometimes you feel like you are posting the same thing over and over. Sometimes you feel like you are posting random stuff, just to post. Nothing feels newsworthy or aligned with your brand.

Here are 5 photo content ideas to get you excited to start sharing your story. These themes will inspire your audience and take them on the business journey with you!

1) Your To-Do List. It's true that everybody likes to know everybody's business so share what you have going on with a quick click of your latest and greatest to-do list.


2) Your Workspace. Pull the curtain back and share your desk or office. Show your audience where the magic happens!


3) Your Client Interaction. Share a teaser of how it looks and feels to work with you. 


4) Your Tribe. Introduce your peeps, your community, your tribe to your audience. Show them how you are a PART of something bigger and that you value connecdtion. 

5) Your Self Care Ritual. All work and no play - no way! Inspire your audience with how you relax, recharge and renew. Let them connect with you on a personal level. 


There are an endless number of stories to share with your audience but I hope these five inspire your creativity. All of these themes can be captured DIY style with your iPhone or camera. And if you do have a professional brand photo shoot coming up, add these ideas to your shot list (more prep work and ideas can be found in my book The Brand Photography Playbook).

Just get started sharing your brand story through visuals in all your marketing from social media, newsletters, sales pages, website. Let your photos speak volumes about what you do, how you do it and how you are different!

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