3 Content Ideas to Post on Instagram | NJ Brand Mentor

Instagram is the place to share your images, photos and graphics to tell your brand story. It is a powerful tool to connect with your audience in a fun, visual way. It offers a personal glimpse into your life and offers a more intimate connection with your viewers.

But sometimes, we can get stuck on what to post. Especially if we are trying to be consistent and share an image everyday. It can be hard to think outside of the box, be creative, be on brand and be different then the thousands of other images clogging up the feed. 

Here are 3 Content Ideas to consider when posting on Instagram: 

1. Educate. Position yourself as the expert in your field by offering a tip, a case study, a before and after, a statistic, a how-to....anything that will teach your audience something new. Give them useful, valuable information that will help their business or lifestyle. Pair it with a photo of you, the end result, the work in progress. It could even be only text using the apps Wordswag or Over. Don't get overwhelmed by the photo...just try to take or use an image that goes well with the content that you are sharing.

For example, if you are a personal stylist, you can photograph a sweater and then offer advice on how to style that same sweater for both day and night. Bonus points if you offer a tip one day a week on a regular basis. I do a #phototip Tuesday every week and this schedule helps not only keep me on track, but continue to position myself as an expert.

2. Inspiration. Motivate your audience with a quote or words of wisdom. Share your values, your mission and you passion. This will help connect them to you and humanize your brand. You can photograph an excerpt from your favorite book, handwrite a quote in a journal or snap an inspiring postcard or art print. You can even showcase a person who you admire. 

3. Behind the Scenes. Everybody likes to see what goes on behind the scenes of your business. They want you to pull the curtain and share the journey. This allows your audience to feel part of the process and can also answer many questions on how you work. Definitely photograph the process, the workspace, the to do lists, the work in progress. 

For example, if you are a health coach and advise your clients on healthy cooking, show your kitchen and the ingredients that you use to make your meals. Bring out the cutting boards, your knives, pots and pans and let your audience in on the magic that happens.

I hope these ideas inspire you! Next week, I will share three more content ideas for Instagram. And honestly, these themes can be used on all your social media and blogs. It is all about sharing useful information and not always selling. Good luck!