5 Benefits of Brand Visibility | NJ Brand Mentor


First impressions are important in business — really important. If you’re not giving the impression that you’re professional and ready to get to work for your potential clients, they may pass you by for someone who seems to have it all together.

When it comes to making a strong first impression that will build your audience and help you land that client, strategic branding is where it’s at.

More than just a website or logo, branding is about sharing the experience your customer has when they choose to work with you. As business owners, it's our job to build a powerful message around our business — it’s how we become memorable and trusted. And once we’ve created that story? We MUST take the time share it.


Sharing your story loudly and proudly is the key to standing out as an established leader in your market. You must make yourself VISIBLE. Your brand is at risk of getting lost within the crowded masses if you don't show up online in a consistent way as the face of your business.

Why do we need to push so hard and show up so often? Here are five specific reasons to become more visible when it comes to branding your business:

1) When you show up as the heart of your brand, you can attract more people into your community. Your vibe attracts your tribe. People naturally like to gather around a specific cause or message. When they have a common interest or goal, it unites them. By sharing your heart and message, you give a place to learn, share struggles, ask questions, and grow.


2) When you become the face of your brand, you build your audience's trust because they can see you. Let me repeat that: They. Need. To. See. YOU. People don’t want to work with the mysterious man (or woman) behind the curtain, they want to see and know the real you.

Share your morning routine, your personal and professional wins, your client’s success stories, even your weekend trip to the farmers market. All of these glimpses into your world give your audience confidence that you are a real, sane person, and that you will show up for them the way you show up online!


3) When you share your message with visual storytelling, you build a relationship with your audience through your content. By sharing content that engages your audience and makes them active participants, you’ll pull people in and make them feel like they are becoming a part of your story. Once your visual content begins to pull them in, use it as a starting point to build upon. Ask questions, reply to their comments, and strengthen those relationships by engaging your audience.


4) When you educate your audience about the many layers of your business, you demonstrate your expertise. Readers will feel confident when they see more of your process, so share all the ins and outs of your day. Tell them about the training you just completed, the new system you are going to implement, or the blog post you just read that really resonated with you.


5) When you show up consistently, you optimize the opportunity to convert your prospects into paying customers. Your leads will stay warm because you’re going to be there when they log in with their morning cup of coffee in hand. You’ll be there when they check Instagram during their lunch break. You’ll stay top of mind because you’ve put in the effort to connect with them daily.

Are you convinced yet? OK, so you know it’s time to become more visible, but what are some bite-sized action steps that you can follow to get started?

Here are three easy ways to take action NOW:

1) Update your head shot on social media.

2) Do a Facebook or Instagram live announcing some news about your business.

3) Attend a networking event and deliver a polished elevator pitch.

Make a commitment to get one of these DONE. Start planning and setting up the details today.

It's never easy putting yourself out there, but it's necessary. The more you do it, the easier it gets. You’ve got this!

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