4 ideas of Visual Content to Post NOW | Brand Photographer


Consistency is king when it comes to sharing visual content. As online entrepreneurs, we know that we have to constantly share valuable content with our audience to stay connected and get noticed in the big, online world. The difficult part? Coming up with the ideas of what to post. Many business owners struggle to provided quality content to their audience that doesn't feel salesy. However, with a little preparation and creativity, you can master the art of sharing information that captures your true voice and genuinely resonates with your clients.

Today, I’m sharing 4 ideas for content that captivates and converts:

1) Education : Share a Tip in Your Area of Expertise. Social media provides the perfect opportunity to showcase your knowledge and present yourself as a credible expert in your industry. Simply sharing a well-informed tip can empower your audience with information that can be implemented right away to see results. The perfect image to pair with this type of post is a photo of your tools, your books, your products, or your work space. Create a relevant hashtag to share with your educational posts as well. In by business, I often post a #phototip when I share with my audience quick and easy tricks to taking better pictures.


2) Inspiration : Quotes + Advice. Yes, I am a quote junkie. A quick glance at any social media platform shows me I am not alone. People love quotes because they make them feel something. When you uplift your audience with your favorite words of wisdom, you are connecting with them on a deeper level. You’re giving them a peek into who you are, what motivates and inspires you, and what keeps you moving. So, how can you share these inspirational gems in a creative way? Try taking a photo of word art, a handwritten quote or a headline in a magazine. Your audience will appreciate your positivity and will begin to put more trust in you for sharing these bits of motivation.


3) Behind the scenes : Pull the Curtain and Share HOW You Do Business. Giving your audience a peek behind the scenes to see the real you can create an instant connection. Take them on a journey of your day. Share a photo of your messy desk, a client meeting, your to-do list, whatever gives them a glimpse into your real life. They’ll feel cherished and special by getting an insider view. This is also a great way for them to learn more about and be inspired by your process.


4) Social Proof: Share Testimonials. What better way to highlight your products and services than to share testimonials from current or former happy clients? This is a sure way to guarantee your audience knows your value. Sharing client testimonials has more power than any sales page or promo because others are hearing it straight from the source. Sit back and let your clients sing your praises!


When it comes to sharing photo stories that captivate the attention of your audience, these are really just the tip of the iceberg! There are so many great ideas out there, and these four suggestions are just a few to help jump start your visual content. As you begin to share the images suggested in this blog post, other ideas will surely pop into your head. Before you know it, you will have a list of amazing ideas you can use to tell you story with visual images. 

Need more inspiration?

In a few weeks, I’ll be launching a fun photo challenge called CAPTURE YOUR BRAND STORY. In this challenge, I’ll be teaching you even more visual themes to include in your marketing. To get a head start, hop over to Facebook and join my private community: Brand Confidential. Here you can connect with other entrepreneurs who've joined the CAPTURE YOUR BRAND STORY challenge. You can share ideas, gain feedback, and make connections to help launch your brand identity forward!