3 Ways to Boost Your Camera Confidence | NJ Photographer


When someone says photo shoot, what is your first reaction. Stress? Anxiety? Fear? For most of us, myself included, being in front of the camera can be nerve wracking. We want to be natural, but the focus of the lens can often turn us into stiff robots.

So, what is the trick to being yourself and showing your spark?

After shooting hundreds of brand photo shoots and learning to capture all types of personalities, here are 3 of my top tips to boost your confidence so you can shine in front of the camera.



1. Give yourself permission to shine! Sometimes we let our inner doubts and criticism sabotage our efforts. Well, it’s time to be bold and own it! You’ve worked hard to get your business to this place, and you deserve this photo moment and special attention. Your audience needs to hear and be inspired by your story — your work needs to be shared! Be who you are with boldness. Do it for yourself, your family or your business — you are worthy of this experience. Think about your mission and the people you serve. Remember that photography as a tool that will help you further that mission, boost your business, and get results.


2. Invest in beauty experts. Some moments require you to hire professionals, and a photo shoot is one of those times! Say yes to getting your hair blown out and to getting your makeup professionally applied. You already have so much to worry about on shoot day — applying your best cat eye shouldn’t be one of them. Bring images that you love to the stylists to share the look you desire. Put yourself into the expert’s hands and just enjoy the process. This beauty experience will boost your confidence at your shoot and beyond. You will not only look but FEEL beautiful. And by the way, you deserve it!


3. Find your killer outfit. For your photoshoot, you must wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Choose outfits that expresses your personality through their colors and patterns. Find styles that compliment your brand story. For example, if you are an organic health coach who is more natural/bohemian, then a tight fitted leopard print dress may not be the best match.

Make sure your clothing fits well and is not too baggy nor too tight. And please make sure to try on everything before your shoot day! This is not the time to pick something that is fussy or that makes you self-conscious. Before the day of the shoot, practice moving, dancing, and twirling in your chosen outfits to make sure they feel comfortable.


Some of my favorite styles for photoshoot day? I love necklines that are open to elongate the neck. I also love vibrant color. Accessories, like a statement necklace or a bright scarf, can add that perfect pop. And if you are still struggling, hire a stylist or ask for help at a local boutique or department store!

Next week, I’ll be sharing 3 MORE tips to help give you confidence and to prepare you for your time in front of the camera. My goal is to have you feeling confident and excited to book those brand photo shoots!

Get out there, tell your story bravely, and be unforgettable! And if you are interested to see how other lady bosses are sharing their personal brands through visuals, download my FREE brand photography look book.