3 Things Your Headshot Should Say About You | NJ Brand Photographer


In business, your headshot is your first introduction. It’s the way you get noticed. Headshots communicate who you are and what you’re about to everyone who visits your website or social media channels.

I hate to say it, but lately I’ve noticed a few, ahem… headshot faux-pas popping up online. Obvious selfies, blurry or dark photos, pictures of babies, dogs or artwork, the list goes on. Sometimes there’s even the absence of a headshot altogether on certain platforms. Yes, it pains me to see!

Don’t worry, I’m not going to take screenshots and show real-life examples of these less-than-desired headshots. That’s not my style :) I am going to challenge you, though, to take a long hard look at your introduction image:

What does your headshot say about you?

Is it clean and professional?

Up-to-date? Warm and inviting?

Or are you still using your senior picture from 1999?  *cringe*

If you think the time to update your headshot has come, here are the 3 top things your new headshot should say about you: 

1. You can count on me. Your headshot is the first step in making potential customers feel comfortable investing in your product or service. Your smiling face really will put people at ease! The best way to get a killer headshot is to be YOU, so relax and get comfortable during your photo shoot.


2. I am a trusted professional.  Your headshot shows that you have experience and expertise in your field. Choose a clean, professional background. Go ahead and splurge on hair and makeup, and wear an outfit that makes you feel confident and professional in a color you love. Be the best version of yourself for photoshoot day!


3. I’m relatable and approachable.  Your headshot is a tool to share a quick taste of your style and vibe, so let your personality shine. Brainstorm how you can insert a little of YOU into the photo in a subtle and classy way with your photographer. This will help you connect with your target audience on a deeper level.

The headshot is the gateway for someone to take the step to get to know you better, and a great one can be just the encouragement a prospect needs to click on to your website or take that next step to work with you.


What is the best way to be sure my headshot communicates these things?

  • Use a professional. They will understand lighting and angles and make you feel at ease during the process. They will also have mad editing skills that can produce the best possible images.

  • Wear clothes that make you feel fab. Bright colors are usually ideal. If you have a power color that makes you feel amazing, wear it! Be sure the color you choose coordinates with your brand and website colors, too.

  • Splurge on hair and makeup. Go all out and invest in yourself for this important day! If having your hair, makeup, or nails done by a professional will give you that extra boost of confidence, you have my permission to go for it.


With your headshot literally being the face of your business, don’t take it for granted. It is so important to make sure it supports your brand and mission. Whatever industry you are in — whether you are a realtor, coach, author, doctor, finance analyst, actor, photographer, event planner, teacher, baker, or designer — you need a headshot to introduce yourself as a professional. It is just as important as your website, logo and business card in today’s virtual world.

Want to see how your current headshot holds up to scrutiny? Visit Photofeeler and submit your headshot to see how it rates on competency, likability and influence! This fun tool could be just the reality check you need to spring into action.


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