3 Reasons to Photograph your Tween

Do you have a tween at home?  I have 2 - one is 11 and the other is 9.  It is an interesting stage because the children still act like children, but they are also testing their boundaries and independence.  Some days they want hugs from you and the next they ask you to drop them off at the curb.  One day they are playing silly with their stuffed animals and the next they are slamming the door for their privacy.  There is a lot going on - it could be braces, growth spurt, funny hair, voice changing... Despite all the changes, I do think it's a special fleeting time.  A time that should be celebrated and remembered.  Here are my 3 reasons why it's so important to photograph your tween.

1.  This is the last stage our kids will be kids.  We all get crazy busy with the everyday and the next thing we know our kids have become teens.  It happens so quickly! Take the time to celebrate this age and all its quirkiness.  This is the last time your kids will easily sit on your lap, let you tickle them, let you zip up their jacket, do their hair…  We all want to remember it!


2. Photography helps boost this younger set's self esteem.  Let's be honest - puberty is rough! Who wouldn't want to get styled, glammed and then photographed like a model? Taking pictures at this age, especially for girls, is a great way for them to feel GOOD about themselves.   They leave confident and happy with themselves.


3. Best Friends mean everything to this age group.  Do you remember how close you were to your 10 year old BFF? You wanted  to spend every minute with them from school time to sleepovers.  How amazing would it capture and remember these important friendships.  The session is guaranteed to be twice as fun and the images will be remembered for a lifetime.


The tween stage is full of change but also full of FUN.  It is worth remembering!  I have created a tween photo experience that is confidence boosting, super memorable and over the top enjoyable.  I am so excited about it and so far the kids are loving every minute of it.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact me at mallika@mikifoto.com.