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Sharing your message in an impactful way can be quite a challenge in today's world. The multitude of messages we receive from social media outlets and online sources can be deafening.

We are literally bombarded with information everywhere we turn.

With so much clutter and complexity in the marketplace, it seems almost impossible to breakthrough. As small business owners with a story to tell, how can we compete and connect?

One word, visibility.

Visibility is the key to a powerful brand strategy. Whether you are new to this game or a seasoned and established entrepreneur, increasing your brand visibility MUST be a priority for your business.

Why is it so important?

1) Visibility creates brand awareness. In our noisy world, here’s the hard truth: it’s easy to be forgotten. The more visible a business is, the more top of mind it will be when the customer is ready to buy.

Recently, I purchased a cute pair of shoes online. First, I spotted them on Instagram. Then, they showed up in my Facebook feed. Finally, they appeared in my email inbox. The fact that this product kept showing up on different platforms was a huge driver in my purchase decision.


2) Visibility creates credibility. People assume if they see a brand more often, it’s more likely to deliver what it’s promising. Visible brands are perceived as successful and leading brands. The opposite is true as well. If a brand isn’t showing up or being seen, doubts are raised. We may think less of those products or services.

Several years ago, I worked with a coach. She was good, and I liked her. Over the years, she stopped posting and sharing her expertise. She sort of vanished. So, when I was looking to hire someone for my business again, I didn't even consider her even though I had a previous positive experience. Instead, I hired someone who had an active podcast and whose weekly episodes made her more "visible" to me.


3) Visibility creates energy for your brand. The more a business shows up, the more momentum it gets. This buzz can boost the brand and make it seem current and on trend. Brands that are "tired" seem boring and outdated. I was recently invited to be on a panel discussion for mompreneurs because the organizer followed me daily on Instagram. She liked the content I posted and my consistent energy. She felt like she knew me and wanted my vibe at her event.

Your brand gets visible when it shows up and shares stories, information and news. Your brand becomes visible when it is shared, read and seen on all different marketing platforms — blogs to visuals to podcasts to video. The more visible you are, the more you can grow your business and be the one your customers choose every time.


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