3 More Ways to Boost Your Camera Confidence | NJ Photographer


Does the thought of a photo shoot make you want to run and hide?  You’re not alone! Most people shy away from the chance to be in the spotlight. But don’t let those nerves keep you from rising to the occasion. It’s time to shed the shyness and get the confidence you need.

Last week, I shared with you three tips to boost your confidence at your photo shoot. Today, as promised, I’m sharing 3 MORE tips to help you prepare for your time in front of the camera so you shine like a rock star! Together with your photographer, you can leave the pressure and nerves behind and move into feeling fierce and fun.


1. Work with someone you trust. There are so many photographers out there, it can be tricky to find your perfect match. What works for one person may not work for you. Sometimes, a little homework is required to find the right match.

First, review their portfolios and read testimonials. Study their photos to see if their subjects look natural and at ease.

When you’ve found someone you are interested in working with, pick up the phone to have a live conversation with them. (You can get a better sense of their personality by hearing their voice than you will over text or email.)  

Before your conversation, create a list of questions to ask them, including:

  • What will the session be like? (You’ll get a sense of their personality and work style.)

  • Do they have a background in brand photography? What is their strategy when working with business owners like yourself?

  • Do they understand your branding goals and the particular message you are trying to communicate?

Before signing on the dotted line, make sure you’ve found someone to work with who you really trust. The photography experience is a relationship — it’s a COMBINED vision between the two of you. You want to make sure your story and spark are fully captured!


2. Come prepared! Before the photoshoot, block off some time to do the strategic and logistical work.

Give your photographer an overview of your business so they really understand your brand. Share your mission, your values, your personality, your process, upcoming launches, colors, keywords, etc. They need to really understand your business, your ideal client and your process.

Brainstorm with your photographer about the locations, props, outfits and stories that you want to capture. (And make sure to call up your locations to get permission in advance!) This is not a “show up and snap” kind of session. Brand photoshoots take time and preparation. When the work is not done properly, that is when the anxiety and nerves show up.


3. Have fun! Sure, it’s nerve wracking to be in front of the camera. But remember, your story can be best told by YOU. Leave any perfectionism or imposter issues at the door and just be yourself.

Remember, you are an expert and a leader in your industry. You are a passionate, purpose-driven lady boss. Let go, live in the moment and laugh a LOT. Trust your photographer. Move, dance, twirl and express your story.

And most of all….don’t forget to breathe. It’s your time to shine.

I hope these tips help boost your confidence and prepare you for your time in front of the camera. It’s never easy to be photographed, but just remember that your story is too good not to share.

Book those brand photo shoots! Tap into your inner Tyra Banks and strut your stuff. Get out there, tell your story bravely and be unforgettable.

If I can help you with anything further on brand photography, please reach out to me at mallika@mikifoto.com. I love to set up phone chats or Zoom sessions to brainstorm branding photo stories. Another great resource is my Six Images Every Entrepreneur Needs. Better yet, come join my Facebook group, Brand Confidential, for more photography tips and strategies!