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Brand photography ...it’s a buzz word in the online world. More than ever, entrepreneurs are taking the leap and becoming the face of their brand. This is a good thing! Nothing will boost business and get a brand noticed quite like a set of well-planned, true-to-yourself brand photos will.

When it comes to capturing and using your brand images, there’s a lot of information floating around telling you what TO do. However, it’s also important to be aware of a few traps you may encounter when putting together your photo library. Today, I’m sharing the top 3 mistakes I see playing out on social media all across the internet, and some tips on how to avoid them.

Read on to see if YOU may be making these mistakes with your own brand photography, and make sure you check out the bonus action item that will have your brand looking fresh for 2019!

1 — Move Beyond the Selfie

Using DIY photos in your branding is a great way to show that you’re real and approachable. It’s absolutely fine to have a good selfie here and there in your image library. These types of photos are especially great to use on social media. However, if you have too many of those types of photos in the mix, you could be doing more harm than good.


If your social media feed is full of smartphone shots, you could be misrepresenting yourself as a newbie or a hobbyist. To position yourself as an expert in your space or a leader, selfies and DIY images can’t be the only pictures you’re relying on. A good guideline when using DIY images is to NOT use them as your profile pic or as a first point of contact. Use them, yes, but make sure to have many professional branded images in the mix, too. This will make your brand feel full of life and complete.

2 — Using too many stock photos

While I’m a proponent of supplementing your brand photography with stock photos, there’s a limit to how many one should be using. Sometimes, when a business owner uses too many, the brand can begin to feel...generic.


After all, others are probably using these same photos. The whole point of brand photography is to have customized photos for your brand that tell YOUR story and give depth to your brand. So if you have to use them, then yes use them! Sprinkle them throughout your website and social media channels. But do so with caution. Don’t ONLY use stock photos to represent your brand because your story will fall flat. Find ones that compliment your brand, but be sure you aren’t using them to replace customized brand photos.

3 — Using photos of your face for EVERYTHING

Some bloggers seems to use images of themselves OVER and OVER again. Their face appears constantly, image after image. The truth is, that can start to feel a little self-promote-ish.

While I’m a huge proponent of women becoming the face of their brand, it is important to diversify your images. Use headshots, but also use lifestyle shots, photos of your books, your to-do list, quotes that you like, and environmental shots.


Sorry to break it to you, but your audience doesn’t always want to see YOU. They want to see what you surround your life with. They want to check out what your schedule looks like, what you are reading, and take a peek at what your office looks like. They are curious about the people you interact with and what your process looks like.


Try to create some depth in your story by sharing these elements of your brand. It doesn’t always have to be your face. Try to balance it out. Photos of you mixed in with some of those stories that don’t require you to be in the pic but still speak to your brand and are in line with the things you believe create balance.


Action Item — While we’re focusing on the do’s and don’ts of your images, take a moment to evaluate your profile pic. Does it still look like you? Many times, I’ve met people in real life after meeting them online, and they look completely different! Take a look at your bio pic and see if it still reflects who you are. Using images that don’t look a thing like you could actually be a red flag for someone. It puts the trust factor in jeopardy, to be quite honest. If your hair has changed or the image is from 1998, make it a priority to update it!

What if it’s an older image, but I still look the same?

If you’ve used it for years, you may want to consider refreshing it anyway. I’ve noticed when I update my profile pic, I get a lot of traction, likes and interaction. It is newsworthy and brings you a new set of eyes! We’ve just entered a new year, so switch it up a little bit. It may just liven things up for your brand as well.

If you’re ready to really make your brand POP in 2019, avoiding these common brand-image blunders is the next step in upleveling your business. Branding is all about refining and clarifying who you are, and these tips will bring the images you’re using to the next level. Use them as you evaluate your brand photo library or as you prepare to hire a photographer.

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