#2017lifelist | NJ Brand Mentor

Resolutions, goals, plans...the promise of a new year can be overwhelming! Are you feeling the pressure to have your vision set for 2017?

Sometimes you just need a starting point to get your creative juices flowing.

If you are struggling with the planning, I created a simple yet sweet exercise to help you get started in thinking about what you want for the new year. 

You can receive the above fun #2017lifelist template HERE. This fun worksheet will guide you into the new year. Make sure to print it out, fill it out, share it, post it, frame it...do what you need to do to get your year started.  Don't forget to use the #2017lifelist.

But if you want more and to dig deeper into your vision, join me for my upcoming Dream Bigger vision boarding workshop on January 27th in Short Hills, NJ. Jump in on this creative workshop with an amazing group of women as we create vision boards together. You bring your big dreams. I’ll bring the materials. We’ll have a blast.

This inspiring workshop is a LIVE event which includes networking + day dreaming + goal setting + community building. Get ready for a creative experience in a beautiful space where we dream bigger and set our business intentions for the new year.

Let's get inspired together for 2 0 1 7 !