2017 Word | NJ Brand Photographer

Graphic made by Legacy Loft

2017 is finally here. We are already in the swing of a new year and many of you have set some resolutions. I chose to select a WORD as my compass and guide. For me, this word becomes my intention for the year and helps me stay on track much better then a list of resolutions.

After reviewing last year and all that I was involved in, including the good, the bad and the in between, I came up with the word SPACE. Last year was full of hustling and spinning in all sorts of directions. I said yes to many opportunities, tried new things and launched new offerings. Although many of the experiences were successful, I ended the year feeling burnout and exhausted.

SPACE felt like the best word for me for the new year. This year I want to feel more control and calm in my business and personal life. I want to stop feeling spread so thin and have space to see the big picture. I intend to create space to :



connect with others




create content

Space could possibly even mean tapping into a new market or finding a new location for my business. There are so many ways to interpret this word which is exciting.

Do you pick a word for the year? How did you find it? Inspire us with your word and your process. Let's all make 2017 a great one!