2016 MikiFoto + Co Roundup | NJ Brand Photographer

So here we are at the end of the year. Its hard to believe a full year has already passed. To be honest, sometimes I feel a bit of sadness in December because time seems to slip through my fingers. Even though there is so much happiness with the holidays, I am also reminded that the days are going fast. Everyone is getting older, my children, my parents, ourselves. The moments are here and then gone. The goals set at the beginning of 2016 are met, crossed off the list. Some not and forgotten. 

To ground myself and reflect on the years events, I have paused to review all that I have accomplished over 2016. This practice has helped me feel more centered and at peace with the passing of time. It also has allowed me to celebrate the highs and lows of a productive year. And wow! What a year it has been for MikiFoto + Co. I took a lot of chances and tried new things to grow my business from workshops to collaborations to new team hires. It has been a great learning year for me personally and professionally.

I encourage you to take inventory of your year. What were you involved with? What did you launch? Who did you work with? Where were you featured? What changes did you make to your business? What did you invest in? Where did you learn? What were the successes and the failures? Look at the year as a whole, brain dump all your activities and see how your business has evolved. 

As a round up for 2016, here is a list of #allthethings that MikiFoto + Co was involved in for the year. 

Awards + Features

Business Strategist (Nevica Vasquez)

Web Designer (Laine Napoli)

Copywriter (Carly Totten, Ashley Beaudin)

Brand Photographer (Laura Lee Photography)

Virtual Assistant (Karen Wong)

Organizer + Designed new office space (Toy Tamer)


Conferences + Courses

Joined Savor Circle Mastermind

Joined Mastermind - Q4 Refresh

Attended Savvy Conference

Attended Simply Stylist

Renewed BIG Membership - Women’s Empowerment Organization

Joined Lady Savant

Joined #ownit Academy

Workshops + Events Launched

Spring Shop

Sip, Shop & Socialize Networking Event at Bungalow - May

Vision Boarding with Stella & Dot team - Feb

Started Get Inspired Video Series

#Learn Social Workshop - Collaboration with Betty Galvan/Rupa Kale - April/June

Insta Boss Workshops - Jan/Feb/May

Style & Focus Photography Event - April

Get Gorgeous Headshot Event - Jan/Feb/March/May/Sept/Oct/Dec

Started Lady Boss Book Club - Jan

Style, Snap & Share Workshop - November

The House Spring Advertising Campaign - April


I am so grateful for all the opportunities, the client work, the collaborations and the learning that transpired this year. It's amazing to see all that I have done in one long list. There was lots of hustling and growth. I know that I want to include more calm, control and space for 2017. What about you? How do you want to feel for 2017?

I am excited and curious to see what unfolds for myself and my brand in the new year. Cheers to new adventures!