7 Ways to Use Your Headshot to Stand Out | NJ Brand Photographer

Have you heard of the marketing Rule of 7? The rule of 7 states that your audience needs to see you and your offer at least 7 times before they will take any action. You can't just post one and done. You need to put yourself out there 7 plus times for prospects to trust you enough to make contact. You must show up, share your message and be the FACE of your business over and over again to rise above the online noise and stay top of mind.

Your headshot is the first impression and introduction to your business. It is a great tool to make this ongoing connection with your audience. It should look professional, polished with a touch of personality. It could be the impetus for someone to click to learn more about you and your business, especially if you share it in multiple platforms. It's an opportunity to establish that know, like and trust factor. 

So keeping the rule of 7 in mind, here are a list of seven places you can share your headshot to stand out and make connection. If you use them all, you are increasing your chances of contact with your prospect.  

1) Online Profiles : This is a no brainer. You should have a photo in your Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram profile. Bonus points if it is the same photo across the board to increase memorability and recognition.

2) Email Signature : Personalize your e-mails with a photo at the end your message. This is a great way to make a connection and end your note with a visual reminder of who you are. Want a tutorial? Watch this video from my gal pal Jessica who teaches you how to add a photo in your  gmail signature. 

3) About Me Page : Yes, this is obvious but you would be surprised at how many people only put text in their About Me pages. You MUST have a photo here. This is one of the most popular pages on your website and prospects want to SEE you. Don't miss this opportunity.

4) Contact Me Page : It's okay to post your headshot in multiple places on your website. This particular page is a great place to have a photo because it gives a face to where you will be sending your contact information to. 

5) Business Card : We all collect business cards at events and conferences but often forget the person we got it from. If you put your photo on your card, you will always be remembered. It's a great way to stay in the recipient's memory. 

6) Facebook Groups : Let's be honest...how many Facebook groups are you in? I myself am in over 20 but probably most active in 3-5. Whenever you are new to a Facebook group, you are always asked to introduce yourself. Make sure you include a photo. Also when posting news or an ask or a tip, consider adding your headshot. This way not only will the post not get lost, it will associate you with your content.  

7) Newsletter : You are already in your client's inbox, now make a more personal connection with your readers by including a photo. This gives a face to the voice of your newsletter message.

There are many other places to include your headshot from book jackets to advertising to press kits. But these seven noted are easy to do right now! I encourage you to start using that professional headshot in more then your profile pic on Facebook and Linkedin. Your image is a powerful tool to create connection with prospects. Start using it everywhere and see how that may lead to more inquiries, more contacts and more sales. 

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