5 Photo Content Ideas for the Entrepreneur | NJ Brand Photographer


"I don't know what to post."

This is the comment I hear most with my clients and with my audience. It's a struggle to figure out what stories to share and what photos to take and post. Sometimes you feel like you are posting the same thing over and over. Sometimes you feel like you are posting random stuff, just to post. Nothing feels newsworthy or aligned with your brand.

Here are 5 photo content ideas to get you excited to start sharing your story. These themes will inspire your audience and take them on the business journey with you!

1) Your To-Do List. It's true that everybody likes to know everybody's business so share what you have going on with a quick click of your latest and greatest to-do list.


2) Your Workspace. Pull the curtain back and share your desk or office. Show your audience where the magic happens!


3) Your Client Interaction. Share a teaser of how it looks and feels to work with you. 


4) Your Tribe. Introduce your peeps, your community, your tribe to your audience. Show them how you are a PART of something bigger and that you value connecdtion. 

5) Your Self Care Ritual. All work and no play - no way! Inspire your audience with how you relax, recharge and renew. Let them connect with you on a personal level. 


There are an endless number of stories to share with your audience but I hope these five inspire your creativity. All of these themes can be captured DIY style with your iPhone or camera. And if you do have a professional brand photo shoot coming up, add these ideas to your shot list (more prep work and ideas can be found in my book The Brand Photography Playbook).

Just get started sharing your brand story through visuals in all your marketing from social media, newsletters, sales pages, website. Let your photos speak volumes about what you do, how you do it and how you are different!

Need more help? Let's connect at mallika@mikifoto.com

New Client Work : Supplematix | NJ Brand Photographer

It's always exciting to work on new photography projects. Once in awhile I will do something different and not my usual subject of women in business. Recently, I did some product photography for a new health and wellness company called Supplematix. This new brand is disrupting the supplements industry with the launch of two physician formulated products called Laser and Lightening. The Laser product aids in focus while the Lightening product boosts energy.  Both are made with superior, natural and Ayurvedic sources at the best value possible. Easily and readily available online, delivered to your home and can even be purchased as an ongoing subscription.  

My goal was to capture the lifestyle connected to the supplement products. I chose props and locations that would support the product story and the end benefits of health and wellness. It was lots of fun being creative and strategic for a different type of subject matter. Plus, the physician who formulated and researched these supplements is my very own hubby - Dr. Sunil Malhotra. He is the Chief Scientific Officer. How cool is that! Not only is he a surgeon but now also an entrepreneur. 

Take a look at some of the images we created to launch the new Supplematix product line. And if you are interested, they are now offering 15% off your first order. I think both entrepreneurs and busy moms can definitely use these supplements in our hectic lives. I have tried both products and can share that they worked for me! 

Brand Photos for a Business and Life Coach | NJ Brand Photographer

Screenshot 2017-09-20 15.27.59.png

My dear friend and client, Kanani Briggs just launched her new coaching business, Kanani Briggs Coaching and Events. I am so excited for her! She is an excellent business and life coach helping women reach financial success and lead the life that they always wanted and dreamed of. She works with women looking to start a new business as well as women entrepreneurs who are ready to uplevel their current business. She offers programs in branding, pricing, money mastery, finding your niche and more. 

With the launch of her business, she also revealed a new website with new brand photos. We worked together from strategy to creative direction to the actual photo shoot. We created a brand photo library of images that she can use for all her marketing needs. 

On her website, all of her images worked beautifully with the copy from the home page to the contact me page. You immediately get a sense of her professionalism as a coach and her vibrant personality. You understand her powerful message and her diverse range of offerings. Take a look :

Screenshot 2017-09-20 15.24.50.png

The visuals also tell a story of what it would feel like to work with her - empowered, positive and fun. You can feel her confidence and you want to be part of her tribe.  She projects a lifestyle that her audience craves, yet also positions herself as approachable. I think Kanani's vibe is a strong example of aspirational yet authentic. 

Screenshot 2017-09-20 15.27.28.png

Kanani's new website does a great job in positioning her as an expert. The visual stories build a connection with her audience and boost her know, like and trust factor. In today's crowded online space, it's important to have a website, brand photos and copy that work well together to breakthrough to your ideal customer. Your visuals are more than pretty pictures but photo stories that engage, inspire and connect with your clients.


If you are looking for a coach to help you with business and life, consider Kanani Briggs. She is passionate about helping others and can help you create a flexible business that allows you to thrive in all areas of your life.

And if you are looking to invest and inquire about your own brand photos, consider purchasing my new book, The Brand Photography Playbook: The Insider's Guide to Planning Your Photo Shoot and Building a Stand-Out Brand. It's a comprehensive guide for entrepreneurs, answering all their questions about brand photography and walking you through how to plan a successful photo shoot. Plus it includes storytelling photography of real women with real businesses that will both inspire and illustrate the power of visual storytelling.  http://bit.ly/buybrandphotographyplaybook


Book Launch Party | NJ Brand Photographer

2017-08-06 09.47.31.jpg

Books + Bubbly is happening this Friday, September 15th in Millburn, NJ (304 Millburn Ave). You are invited to join us and I am super excited to be sharing my new book, The Brand Photography Playbook: The Insider's Guide to Planning Your Photo Shoot and Building a Stand-Out Brand. A comprehensive guide for entrepreneurs, answering all their questions about brand photography and walking you through how to plan a successful photo shoot. It also includes storytelling photography that will inspire you and illustrate the power of visual storytelling. 


Planning a book signing party is no joke. It takes a village, especially if you want to do something fun, unique and interactive. Lucky for me, I have a dream team of collaborators. When I shared on social media and by email asking for help to throw a #mikibash, these boss ladies did not hesitate and jumped right in to help at this book launch event. I am so grateful to these women and their support. They are all NJ local business owners who share a passion for entrepreneurship and community. I am so proud to call them my friends and to introduce them to you:

Lori Csik of Dressed by Lori

The perfect venue for the book launch party. Books, bubbly and boutique. Lori Csik opened Dressed by Lori after a 30 plus year career in fashion and the retail industry. Over the years, Lori has developed a strong sense of what women are looking to achieve with fashion and how she can help them bring out the best version of themselves. Dressed by Lori is a fresh chic venue to shop for contemporary and whimsical, yet classic and feminine day to play dresses, designed for the dynamic lives of modern women. Lori has an eye for styles and fits that promise to compliment varying body types and a craving for designers creating American made products. She believes a dress can take a women from “day to play” giving her clients the flexibility they need to lead a busy life, but look and feel amazing while doing it!

2016-09-20_0001 copy.jpg

Kelly Desario of ReelStyle Beauty

Ladies of the Lip Lounge! At the book event, Kelly and her team will be offering a fun lipstick application so you can pucker up and be lip ready. ReelStyle Beauty was was created as a Brand that could "Reely" evolve & expand over time. We say #getREELSTYLED , servicing hundreds of Brides a year, countless photoshoots, Campaigns Ads, Bridal Blogs, Women Entrepreneur Branding, NY & Miami Fashion Week & more. The ReelStyle Essentials Collection & Our Pocket Stylist Consulting has blossomed & is going to be fully launched in 2018. 


Erika Guzman of Adorn Market 

What's a party without a selfie booth? Erika is a creative superstar and creating a selfie booth for the event. She is a designer & hand-lettering artist; a creative soul, inspired by abstract art, texture, poetry, nature, photography and vintage home decor. With a degree in Merchandising and Design, her biz - Adorn Market launched in January earlier this year. Erika creates inspirational wood signs with rustic style for clients to adorn their home. Each piece of wood she chooses is carefully hand-picked, cut, stained and painted with love in her art studio. Her hand lettered art is amazing and inspiring. And she is just the kindest, sweetest person I know! Follow her on Instagram at www.instagram.com/adorn_market for ideas for the home, special events and gifts.


Jen McHenry of Cabi and Direct Cellars 

What's a party without cocktails? My biz bestie Jen is both a fashionista and wine lover. Before becoming a stylist she had corporate job in NYC which required long hours and with twins on the way she knew she needed something where she could put her family first myself. The supportive network of smart and driven woman at cabi (a fashion company reinventing the way women shop) made her decision easy…not to mention the great clothes and the companies focus on supporting woman on a global basis. It really was too good to be true : a company created by woman for woman! cabi allows Jen to be in business for herself, but not by herself…The perfect fit!

She loves the social side of this business while offering private styling appointments and group Fashion Experiences and what better way to be social then pouring a fabulous bottle of wine while ladies are playing dress up! Enter Direct Cellars wine club which offered the perfect blend of connecting over beautiful clothes AND great wine….I hate trying on fabulous clothes and drinking premium wine said no woman ever!


Anne Davis of The Danish Baking Girl 

Made with love. Anne is originally from Denmark and has fond memories of her mom’s baking, the house filling with the most amazing and comforting smells. Baking has always been a part of her life. She carries those traditions as the inspiration for her business. Everything she bakes has a personal story behind it, from cookies to breads to pastries.

Lucky for us, Anne is sharing her Danish baking at the Books + Bubbly event. She will be bringing Stenalderbrød, a bread that has become very popular in Denmark with the introduction of the Paleo Diet. The Danish name, Stenalderbrød or Stone Age Bread, comes from the concept of eating like people did thousands of years ago when nothing was processed. It contains no flour, leavening, dairy or eggs.


Elizabeth Girouard of Zing Meals 

Delicious eats. My friend Elizabeth Girouard, a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Workplace Wellness Master Ambassador, Educator and fellow entrepreneur. She is the Founder of Pure Simple Wellness, a holistic health coaching and training service and Co-Founder of Zing Meals, a local, gourmet healthy meal delivery service providing healthy, fully prepared meals that taste great and fuel the body. 

Elizabeth will be providing a sampling of their yummy creations including Chef Vaughn’s famous mayo-free chicken salad (gluten-free and dairy-free options will also be available). Make sure to check out what’s on the delivery menu from Zing Meals for next Tuesday on their website: www.zingmeals.com/menu and on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/zingmeals.


Jeri Freeman and Lauren Ohs of Stacks and Snacks

Bite sized yum. Dynamic duo, Jeri and Lauren will be sharing their tasty, handcrafted bite-sized desserts. These treats come in more than a dozen unique flavors. They start with a base made from scratch (brownies, blondies, sugar cookies, oatmeal and more), then layer creamy chocolate and a crushed topping to create a petite mouthwatering treat. 

Stacks are available as catered trays or 2-pack favors for special events. They can customize colors, flavors or packaging and work with you or your organization to provide a sweet ending to any occasion. I am thrilled to be partnering with them at my book party event. Get ready for some YUM.


And then to add more fun to the party, we have some exciting door prizes from some of my favorite boss babes : 

Beauty Counter by Maggie Zakhary 

Swapna Patel of Stella & Dot 

Birch House Candles

Julia Lovallo Creative Marketing 

Special thanks to Parker Petals for floral arrangements and Maria from In the Moment Photography for coming to capture the event. So many amazing women collaborating together! I am counting the days until the #mikibash on Friday, Sept 15th at Dressed by Lori in Millburn, NJ (304 Millburn Ave). Hope you will join us.


If you are not local and are curious to learn more about The Brand Photography Playbook, find out more HERE. I would love for you to check out the book - it comes in both print and digital. 


Visibility for Business | NJ Brand Photographer



You’re an online business owner who wants to make an impact, but your visibility strategy is falling flat. 

You’re putting yourself out there because you have skills and a message to share with the world, but all you’re hearing are crickets. 

You want to be an influencer and have people KNOW YOUR NAME, but you’re stuck trying to figure out what’s the best way to go so that you can scale up, position yourself as an industry expert, leader, and authority figure. 

You dream about the day when YOU are considered a “celebrity” in the online space and that the impact you’re having on the lives of others is truly making a difference.


We all have felt this frustration! And I am hear to tell you that if you’re NOT visible, you don’t exist. In today's noisy world, you have to put yourself out there to get noticed. As a photographer, I am passionate about helping women in business finally become the face of their brand. I truly believe that in order to connect with your audience and create relationships with clients, you first have to share your story and be visible in your marketing. People want to SEE you and learn about the heart of your business, much more then the details of your fancy program or products and services. 



The Power of Brand Photography. There is power to visuals. There is power to storytelling. When we combine the two in our marketing, our brands can become energized and stand out from the rest. Visual storytelling can be the tipping point for your business, convincing your audience to choose you over the the rest. Especially in our world today, where attention spans are decreasing, brand photography can make an impactful first impression and inspire your audience into action. Creating a visual strategy and becoming the face of your brand has never been more important then now in the online world.

This is one strategy that can help you become more visible and boost your brand. But there are SO MANY other tips and tricks. I am excited to be part of the Influential Visibility series that kicks off September 18th. It’s a FREE event designed to help you become the INFLUENTIAL LEADER you desire to be. 

Join me + 11 other experts as we share our tried and true methods to getting insanely visible so that we can be impactful as part of the Influential Visibility series. This training series is FREE and kicks off September 18th. To reserve your spot NOW click this link: https://michaelahoffman.com/visibility-series

Hope to see you there! It's time so stop feeling invisible and finally move to making an impact with your story and your message.

5 DIY Photos to Boost Your Brand | NJ Brand Photographer


Let's be honest. Brand photography is an investment in your business. It usually comes with a hefty price because it requires time and expertise. But it's worth it because of the huge benefits in boosting your brand and helping you stand out as a leader. I see it with every client. But it's a decision that takes time for you to make and to save towards. 

So what is a girl boss to do when you need visuals NOW? You need images to post on your Facebook, your Instagram and even in your monthly newsletter. Well, if you can't invest or barter in professional photography services, then there is the DIY route. I don't recommend this for everything but there are some photo stories that you can totally capture on your own with your smart phone for your brand library. Yes, it's true. Sometimes the best camera you have is the one you always have with you and that is your iPhone. 

Here is my DIY tip for capturing one of my top photo stories for your brand library:  YOUR VALUES.  These are the words, quotes and sayings that align with your message. You can photograph them without YOU even having to be in the photo. All you need is your smart phone. Yes, I said smart phone because sometimes the best camera is often the one you have with you at all times. So grab your iPhone or your camera and let's start snapping. 

1. Word art. Look on your walls, take a trip to Home Goods or go through magazines and you are bound to find art or design showcasing words. Find words that align with your brand and photograph it. Keep it in context - on your wall, or on your shelf or on your bulletin board. It helps the "realness" of the environment and builds a stronger connection to your brand. 

home office

2. Favorite Quote. Find your favorite sayings and write them out in a notebook or journal. Your handwriting will be personal, human and connective. Lay the notebook on your desk or bed or even on a wood floor. Maybe add a pen or some desk accessories and then click!


3. Books. The titles of your favorite books will say so much about you and your brand. Choose the ones that support your message and your story. Stack them up on your desk and simply shoot.


4. Tools. We all use tools that are specific to our trade and our expertise. Now is the time to gather them up. If you are a photographer, maybe it's lenses. If you are an interior designer, maybe it's swatches and paint chips. If you are a coach, maybe it's worksheets. If you are a personal chef, maybe it's measuring cups and cooking utensils. Think about the tools you use in your process and photograph them. 

interior designer

5. Laptop. Grab your computer and pull up your website, your Instagram feed, your blog, your newsletter on to the screen. This is an indirect way of selling your brand, your products and services without feeling too promotion-y. It's an easy way to reinforce your branding. 

work desk

So there you have it! I want to empower you to feel confident about creating your own photo content from time to time. Think of these five stories when you feel photo-challenged. They are easy to create by yourself and can help share the story of your brand. Have any questions about DIY? Are you ready to invest in a professional brand photo session? I am here to help!

Weekend Getaway in North Fork | NJ Travel Photographer


Are we approaching summer's end? It's hard to believe and my family is trying to squeeze every moment out of the summer season. Last weekend we visited a friend's home in South Hold, Long Island which is in the North Fork. After a 3.5 hour drive from NJ (we decided to leave Friday evening at 7 PM to avoid the traffic), we arrived in the rural and sleepy town. We loved the charm and local-feel of the area, very different from the crowded Hampton hipster scene. Much more laid back, quiet and relaxing. Plus, North Fork seems to specialize in a few of my favorite things : wine, coffee and oysters. Here are a few of our favorite hot spots:

Greenport Village : Cutest little town on the water. There's a marina, quaint shops, breweries, restaurants, oyster bars, ice cream parlor and live music. A fun place to spend the afternoon. Be sure to visit Greenport Harbor Brewery and Little Creek Oyster Farm

Wineries: North Fork has about 50 wineries in the area from small, family run vineyards to more corporate estates. Take the time to visit and enjoy a tasting. We were only in North Fork for a couple of days so we went straight to the Macari Vineyard. It was lovely both inside and outside, plus family friendly.  A nice list of wineries to visit is HERE from the NY Times.


Local Coffee Shop: If you are a coffee addict like me, then you must visit North Fork Roasting Co. There coffee is not only delicious but feels like it was brewed with love. No joke. They take pride in making coffee with careful and thoughtful effort. Plus, I loved the t-shirts for sale, the eclectic furniture, the live acoustic music and the foodie eats. 

Quiet Beaches : A bit too shelly for my taste but still beautiful, serene and picturesque. We enjoyed a nice stroll and it was walking distance from my friend's home. 

Must Eat Food Truck: North Fork Food Truck. Seriously some delicious tasting food! From artisan hot dogs to lobster roll to fresh home made lemonade - this truck was a culinary experience. Plus, I loved eating on picnic tables under the apple trees. 

Overall, North Fork is a darling place. A true escape! We loved it there and can't wait to go back again. This time we will definitely make more time for more visits to the wineries and tastings :) Have you been? Do you have any favorite spots? 

Brand Photography for Coaches | NJ Brand Photographer

Life coaches. Health coaches. Business coaches. Style coaches. Executive coaches. I have worked with them ALL! I have heard their stories and created visual strategies to help them communicate their personal brand to their audience. They are mentors, leaders and educators, all interested in empowerment, confidence and creating joy in your life. I love their passion and sense of purpose in helping others.

While coaches are not all the same, there are certain photo themes that can apply to all of them. There are certain photo stories that are necessary to help you stand out and build connection with your audience. And yes, the quality of those photos do matter! Selfies or unprofessional looking visuals on your website may deter your audience. Your first impression is huge so make sure your visual images match the leader and expert that YOU really are!

Five Brand Photos Every Coach Needs in their Brand Library:

1. Girl Boss. Look the part and portray yourself as a legitimate, professional coach. When your audience sees that you invested in yourself with professional photography, they will be more willing to invest in you. 

business coach

2. Woman on a Mission. Share your values, your beliefs, your mantra, your mindset. Communicate the reason you do this work in the first place and you'll win the hearts and minds of your audience. 

3. #allthefeels. What does it FEEL like to work with you? Communicate your vibe and personality. Business isn't always transactional, it involves people and emotions so paint the picture for your audience.


4. She gets me. Incorporate story into your photos to better connect and relate to your audience. Share your lifestyle, your interests, your passions, favorite things, etc. Give your audience a peek into the behind the scenes of your work. Show your life and see how that helps build relationships with your clients. 


5. Be aspirational. Show the lifestyle that you are helping your clients work towards. What will it look like and feel like after working with you? Show these emotions. Tell these stories. 

These five photo stories are just a few of the essential visuals you need in your library. Remember, the visuals you create and share should not only get you noticed but also be encouraging your audience to want to get to know you better. You want your visual brand to turn viewers into prospects into clients. So take a good long look at your brand library, see what's missing or what you need to create.

Need more help? Check out my #captureyourbrandstory photo challenge which will describe in more detail the brand images you need as an entrepreneur. Every day for 7 days, you will receive a fun photo email with visual examples and inspiration.