Embrace your different. Find your incomparable. Stand out with confidence.
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There are so many business owners who struggle to answer the question about what makes them different or an edge above the rest. Here’s the truth. You can be magnetic and memorable in your business because you have something so unique to you that it is quite simply your secret sauce. But you won’t be able to find that until you know what it is that makes you different and figure out how to tell it well. And that journey is the best journey you could ever take for yourself and for your business. It is time to stop feeling like you’re just like everyone else, scrolling through other people’s websites, doing it like they do it because you don’t know what makes you so magnificent. It is time to stop being just another option when you were made to be someone’s answer. It is time to stop leading a brand that no one remembers and start leading a brand that people can’t wait to work with and buy from. It's time to discover your winning edge, your unique brand story strategy or what I like to call your MikiMojo.


The MikiFoto strategy intensive (aka Brand Confident-ial) will help your brand stand out as a leader! This brand story strategy process will empower you to discover what makes you incomparable, so that you can implement it in your business and tell your story. Transforming your brand from bland to compelling is the essence of this work. We will dig deep into the ten steps of this dynamic process to find your magic and your spark. This intensive is launching in 2018 as a private 1-1 strategy session or a group mastermind for 8 ambitious ladybosses (offered two times a year). 

  1. Purpose: Why do you do what you do?

  2. Values: What do you believe in?

  3. Expertise: What are you really good at and known for?

  4. Experience: How do you make your customers feel?

  5. Passions: What fires you up?

  6. Personality: Who are you as a human being?

  7. Process : How do you do it?

  8. Dream Clients: Who do you want to serve?

  9. Competitive Landscape: How are you different?

  10. Vision : Where will you take your brand?

As you jump in, you’ll find the clarity and confidence to own who you are and the work that you do with confidence. I think you’ll yourself saying, “this is why people need me.” And that level of conviction will spread into how you put yourself out there, what you say and how you interact with your audience and clients. With the information you receive through this process, you can use it to not only inspire confidence in your business, but for so many other things. You can use it in your messaging, your brand expression, your content, your experience, your story and your vision.

If you’re tired of being one of the many and not knowing how to position yourself as a leader, this is for you. It's time to master your brand story strategy! Give yourself this moment and watch how it transforms your ability to lead, to give, and to serve people.

Join me and let’s find your mojo. Because you know what?

You are different and that is incredible.