Turn Heads. Be the face of your brand with confidence.

Let's Just talk about it.

You know that you’ve done amazing things in your business and for your clients. You know that there are things about you that set you apart and make you golden. You know that it is time for you to rise among the rest and put yourself out there with boldness. 

But the images you’re using in your brand are maybe just selfies off your iPhone or they struggle to communicate your power and your story well. You’re craving images that create connection, energize your brand and bring personality to your business. You’re going all-in to put yourself out there consistently, so you want brand photography that tells your story. 

You don’t just want a photographer, you want a strategist, a storyteller and a confidence stirring coach.

Good news! I am all three. Through my MikiFoto packages, I partner with passionate, go-getter entrepreneurs to give you an inclusive experience where you are taken care of and pampered, along with receiving photographs that are taken with strategy and your story in mind. 

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The end result is that you will not only have images that radiate with who you are, but you’ll also have the confidence to put yourself out there as a leader and create a connection with your audience that leaves them wanting more. 

It is time to go from a standard posed headshot to a polished library of brand photography images that deliver the punch of your passion, message and personality. The images you use in your social media or website can help you establish a powerful brand and a captivating online presence. When you share your visual story well, people begin to trust you. 

By having branded images that are taken with every bit of you in mind, you’re going to set yourself apart in a powerful way. 

And that kind of thing will not only be a transforming experience for you, but for your brand too. 


Pre-shoot brand story questionnaire

Pre-shoot strategy + creative consultation

Digital version of The Brand Photography Playbook

Creative direction of up to 4 photo stories including help with styling, props and locations

2.5 hour photo shoot

Photography of three looks/outfit changes

Photography at two nearby locations

Variety of shots - headshots, portraits, lifestyle, stock, editorial, environmental, product

Online gallery to view images

Brand Photo Library of 100+ softly edited images for business use in print and online

From this set, you choose 25 image to be fully retouched, Photoshopped

3 storytelling collages for social media

Full usage photo rights

Brand photos delivered via Dropbox


No matter what brand photography package you pick, I want you to know something. 

That you can be incomparable, and unforgettable. That your confidence in the things that set you apart will be your strength. And that making a decision to really, truly be the face of your brand will not only having you turning heads, it will have you turning hearts.

So, come and shine with me.