Because I know that you’re a woman to watch and confidence looks so good on you.

It is time to be the face of your brand.

You are excited about your business and you’ve found some sweet success. You’ve got happy clients and dreams checked off your bucket list, but you have this gnawing feeling inside like you have so much more to bring. You know you’re good at what you do, but you feel frustrated, like you’re not being seen or heard in your industry. You are craving the clarity and confidence to finally get noticed, stand out and make the impact you dream of.  You know that to do that, you’re going to need to stand up for your story and tell it to the world.

About Me

My name is Mallika Malhotra and I’m a professional photographer, brand strategist, educator and author at MikiFoto + Co. My mission is to empower you to be the face of their brand and share your story with confidence.

I believe that you can be bold and brazen about who you are and the magic of what you do. I know that you can create the confidence to put yourself out there in an irresistible way. No more hiding and no more apologizing, I am here to inspire you to stand up and show up.

I step into your world to empower you to bring your message to your business and to the world with confidence. Whether I am behind a camera taking your photo, pouring strategy into your brand or guiding you to discover your story, I know this --


Hey you! I am thrilled that you’re here.

I believe that what makes you different is what makes you incredible. Looking into my journey, that has been my greatest discovery, and I bet it can be yours too.

Ever since I started my business over ten years ago, I’ve had to be a trailblazer. Whether I was just starting out with a camera, or I was standing in front of a room leading a workshop, I’ve had to find the things that make me incomparable and use those things to tell my story.

That took a process. That took intention. That took purpose.

Because of that journey, I have a passion to give women the opportunity to discover and see the things that make them different, so that they can tell their stories, create powerful connections and inspire others too. And my passion for collaboration and community? It grew when I realized that we can learn from one another more than we could ever on our own.

When I am not pouring my heart and energy into this work, I am a wife and mother to three boys. I’ve got a thing for the mornings, a glass of red wine and a soulcycle class. I’m a big fan of in-person live events and embracing the imperfect, yet beautiful chaos of life.

And you know what I think more than anything?

That you’re one to watch. Because the fact that you’re here tells me that this is your moment to turn heads with your confidence and story.