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People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic”
— Seth Godin

The online world is NOISY. So many websites, social media posts, emails, webinars, live video - all promoting products and services. Every day it feels like the internet gets louder and louder. It can feel suffocating and paralyzing as a small business owner in the online space. 

How the heck do we stand out? How do we build connection with our audience in an authentic way?

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My number one branding tip to rising above the noise is to communicate your PURPOSE. Share with your audience the movement that you are trying to create which is so much bigger then the actual product or service. Communicate the WHY behind your business. Why did you start this in the first place? What do you want to bring to the world? What are you itching to change and improve? 

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The story, emotion and heart behind your mission will captivate your clients. Not only will they have a better understanding of what you do and why you do it, they will feel more connected to your brand. In real life, people do business with people. It's not always transactional. There is a huge human and emotional element in the experience. 

So maybe you are a health coach on a mission to bring families together through healthy meals. Or  a personal stylist empowering women to feel more confident in their body through better clothing choices. Or a brand photographer like me inspiring women in business to finally be the confident FACE of their brand through visuals. Think about your purpose for doing this work and share that powerful message through visuals, copy, social media and video. Be clear and consistent!

My favorite ways to communicate your purpose in visuals is through quotes, art, books, cards, journals. Even a handwritten note of your daily mantra is powerful. Look around your workspace and home to find the words or symbols that represent your values. Bring them to your photo shoot or photograph them yourself DIY style. Keep sharing that heartfelt message and you will notice how your connection grows with your tribe. 

What is your big fat WHY behind your business? And have you been able to communicate that in visuals? If you need help, reach out to me at You may also get some inspiration from my freebie, The Six Images Every Entrepreneur Needs. 

Monday Motivation for Small Business Owners | NJ Brand Strategist

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Monday's are tough! We're still in weekend mode but our list is long with things to do. Let's help each other make the transition a little bit easier. On Mondays, I will share a tip or trick to help ease you into the week. Hope it inspires you to take action and jumpstart into your day. many of you have purchased or signed up for an online course? You were super excited about the topic and ready to dive in. You start off strong...reading the content, watching the videos, doing the homework. Then you got distracted because another course or webinar or download comes available on another hot topic. You consider buying that too and maybe you even do. Now you have 2 courses that you have to finish. This pattern can repeat endlessly, especially if you are active online. It can almost be an addiction leaving you with a shelf full of virtual courses that never get finished. 

I know this FOMO (fear of missing out) feeling very well because a few years back, I would buy - buy - buy all sorts of courses. But the reality was I never finished them. I never applied the information. I was hungry to learn but I could never completed the work.  


I made the decision to NOT buy anything until I finished what I was currently invested in. It's a simple step but I am hoping as today's #mondaymotivation, it will inspire you to stop and pause. Think about what you are spending your money on or listening to online. Focus on what you already have bought and finish it first. Apply the knowledge. Practice what is being taught. Study the impact it has on your business. Once you have mastered it, then move to the next thing on your list. 

A little focus can go a long way. Have a great week!


5 Tips to a Killer Headshot | NJ Brand Photographer


We all want that eye - catching, drool worthy, attention getting headshot that gets over 100 likes on social media. We want even more a portrait that really looks and feels like our best selves. Here's my formula to achieve both.

5 Tips for a Killer Headshot

1. Hire a Professional Photographer.

Do some research and find a photographer who has experience with headshots and branding photography. Make sure you like their work and style. Ask for referrals and find out what the experience was like. Did the photographer ask about your business and understand your brand story? Is he/she good at posing and giving direction? Did you feel “yourself” with him/her? Good photos are based on trust so make sure you like the person behind the lens.

2. Invest in Hair and Beauty.

You not only want to look your best on photo day but also feel your most confident too. Hire experts in hair and makeup so that you don’t have to worry about that part of the process. Bring sample images and communicate your vision with them. A bold lip is always a good idea and photographs well. Strive for a fresh face versus overly glamorous. You want to make sure your photo looks like you, just the best version of you. And don’t forget to color your greys and get your nails done beforehand.

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 3. Try on your Outfits.

Don’t wait until shoot day to test drive your outfits. This will completely stress you out if something doesn’t work. One week before the shoot, select clothing that reflects your personality and brand (now is not the time to take style risks). Try everything on. Pick clothes that flatter, fit well and make you feel confident. Look in the mirror to see how the clothing drapes as you sit down. Watch for any pulls or tightness. Don’t forget accessories. Bring an extra outfit just in case. Bonus if you incorporate your branding colors in some way.

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4. Remember your Why.

It’s easy to get caught up in the stress and anxiety of a photo shoot. But take a step back and remember why you are taking this photo in the first place. You have a message and a story that needs to be shared with your audience. Squash that inner critic and show up as the leader you are! The world needs to see you as the face of your business.

5. Have Fun!

Try your best to relax at your shoot. Laugh and move. Laugh some more. Forget about perfection and focus on being you. Do your best to reveal your true personality. If overly nervous, ask your photographer for help. Think about happy thoughts and moments. And breathe! This is your moment to shine and enjoy the spotlight.

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Ready to update your profile pic and headshot? My ever popular Get Gorgeous headshot event in New Jersey is scheduled for September 2017. Contact me HERE to get on my notification list. 



Monday Motivation for Small Business Owners | NJ Brand Strategist

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Monday's are tough! We're still in weekend mode but our list is long with things to do. Let's help each other make the transition a little bit easier. On Mondays, I will share a tip or trick to help ease you into the week. Hope it inspires you to take action and jumpstart into your day.

Self doubt is a confidence killer. It happens to the best of creeps in to shake us up and make us feel like we are not enough. We are not worthy. Today, I want to share my quick tip to feeling smart and strong and accomplished.

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Grab a pen and paper and write out all the things that you have done WELL in the last year. List out all the wins, the awards, the feel good moments, the growth, the relationships, the mentions, the learning, the events, the workshops attended or led, the positive feedback. Write everything that you feel good about. Put it on paper.

Then take a moment and look at it. Read through everything. Soak it in. You have done a lot! You are moving in the right direction, learning and growing every day. You are much smarter and stronger then you realize. 

Whenever you feel stuck or maybe have failed in something, do this. It will help you get back on track. It will help build your confidence. Works for me every time!



What I'm Reading Now | NJ Brand Photographer

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Those who know me well, know that I am an avid reader. I start my mornings at 530 AM so I can read uninterrupted for 30 minutes every day (even on some weekends). This daily ritual feeds my passion for books and learning. Plus it helps me finish all the books that I purchase on Amazon (prime shipping gets me every time!), borrow from the library and buy at book stores. My book buying has become sort of an addiction. 

Most of the time I am reading 3-5 books at once. Always a business book and a fiction book. I have started to really enjoy business-memoir stories too. I even lead a Lady Boss Book Club in New Jersey that meets every 6 weeks. It's another great way to stay accountable and do the reading. If you're local to Short Hills/Millburn area, you should join us in our private Facebook group HERE

Here is my hot-list of books for this month.

I am really really enjoying Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh. Maybe it's my shoe obsession, but it's amazing to read about Tony Hsieh's journey. And he writes as if you are having a real conversation with him so it makes for an easy, enjoyable read. 

Let me know if you have read any of these or are currently reading something incredible. I will put it on my list (and hopefully not buy it just yet). Happy reading friends! 

PS: I am currently writing my first book : The Brand Photography Playbook. Coming very soon! If you are interested in learning more about it's launch, join my list HERE

5 W's of Brand Photography | New Jersey Brand Photographer


Brand Photography is a newish concept in the business world. With the rise of social media and online marketing, more and more people are interested in images with impact. Enterpreneurs are craving visuals that tell stories, build connections and energize their brands. Small business owners are looking to differentiate themselves and photography has become a powerful tool to stand out.

So what are the 5 W's of Brand Photography? The what, the who, the where, the when and the why? As a brand photographer working with hundreds of women in business, let me share my thoughts and shed some light on this. 


What is Brand Photography? 

Brand photography is a collection of professional and customized images that represent the essence of your brand. This type of photography communicates who you are, what you do, how it feels to work with you, and what differentiates you. Brand photography takes the viewer on a deeper journey of your business, sharing your personality, your process, and your core message.

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Who needs Brand Photography?

Honestly, anyone and everyone who has a strong message to share. You could be a creative entrepreneur, small business owner, corporate team, non profit organization or even a hobbyist. You could sell services or sell doesn't make a difference. If you are passionate about your story and your purpose and want to really connect with your audience, then you may want to consider brand photography. People do business with people. Visual storytelling allows you to infuse YOU into your brand.

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When do I consider Brand Photography?

The entrepreneurial journey can vary for all of us. You could be a newbie to business and ready to invest in professional photos from the very beginning. You could be a seasoned small business owner who has recently evolved your positioning and is now in need of new visuals to communicate your new message. You could be a few years in, in an overly saturated industry and just tired of feeling lost. Despite where you are on your business time line, you're ready when you feel the urge to share your story to stand out. 

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Where do I use Brand Photography?

The options are really endless. The obvious choice is your website. This is where you really want to tell your full story and share your brand "experience" on all your web pages so you can convert viewers into customers. But consider all the places that allow images from social media to newsletters to presentations to Facebook ads to press opportunities to your good old fashioned business card. You want your brand to be recognized everywhere so having a cohesive and consistent visual storytelling strategy will help you get there. 


Why do I need Brand Photography?

This is the million dollar question. Do you really need to hire a photographer? Can't DIY photos or selfies work? If you want to position yourself as an expert or thought leader, you must invest in professional visuals. These other images may help your brand, but they will definitely not get you to leadership status. Professional photos communicate that you are indeed, a professional and not a newbie or hobbyist. Brand photography is intentional and grounded in strategy producing content that tell your story, builds connections, and creates depth in your brand. If you are tired of feeling invisible or like everyone else, brand photography can be a game-changer for your business. 


If you are an online business or creative entrepreneur ready to up level and finally rise above the noise, you may be ready to consider a visual strategy. Think about the 5 W's of Brand Photography and how they can build your business.

Want to learn more about Brand Photography? I will soon be releasing my first book, The Brand Photography Playbook, which is a comprehensive insider's guide to planning a successful photo shoot and building a stand out brand. Get on my VIP list HERE to learn all about the launch!

Monday Motivation for Small Business | NJ Brand Photographer

My favorite florist, Millburn Florist. 

My favorite florist, Millburn Florist. 


Monday's are tough! We're still in weekend mode but our list is long with things to do. Let's help each other make the transition a little bit easier. On Mondays, I will share a tip or trick to help ease you into the week. Hope it inspires you to take action and jumpstart into your day.

Special delivery! We all love the sound of those two words together. Who doesn't love the surprise of something special and just for YOU? Today's #mondaymotivation is to consider your own signature "special delivery".

What do you do different then the rest? How are your deliverables distinctive? Is it your packaging, your customer service, a client gift or your process that sets you apart? Think about it. Write it down. Create a magical experience.

Your clients and business will thank you!

Brand Photography for Realtors | NJ Brand Photographer

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When your industry has thousands of people doing what you do, how do you stand out? This is a common challenge for many of us in saturated markets. Realtors are no exception. 

My solution for creating a brand that gets noticed and can connect with your audience is BRAND PHOTOGRAPHY. This is a powerful tool that can share your story visually, without you even saying a word. Real estate agents can use images to communicate their personality, their expertise and their process to differentiate from the competition.

What is Brand Photography? 

Brand photography is a collection of professional and customized images that represent the essence of your brand. This type of photography communicates who you are, what you do, how it feels to work with you, and what differentiates you. Brand photography visuals share your personality, your process, and your core message. Consider these images a visual journey that educates your audience about the many layers of your business. 

Meet my client and friend, Natalya Price of in Summit, NJ. She not only helps you find your dream home in the NJ suburbs but she also shares the fun happenings around town including restaurants, shopping, events and more. She positions herself as your real estate partner and as a informative resource of all things NJ. Take a look at the photos we captured for her brand. I believe her energy, her professionalism and her fun vibe shine through.

If you struggle with feeling invisible in your overly saturated market and want to finally emerge as the leader, let's talk about how brand photography can fit into your marketing plan. I am passionate about helping women, like you and Natalya, be the face of their business and stand out through impactful storytelling.

Reach out to me at for a free 15 minute consultation where we can discuss your branding and photography needs.