Twinsanity | NJ Tween Photographer

Nothing makes me happier then a confident tween with amazing red hair and a fashion packed wardrobe. Imagine having the chance to photograph T W O of these identical twin tweens. I was over the moon happy!

Molly and Lily impressed me with their poise, their kindness and their commitment to dance, music and drama. They represent the modern day tween who is not only busy with school, friends and family but also pursuing their passions after school and on weekends. 

We had so much fun running around downtown Millburn, Taylor Park and Papermill Playhouse. We changed once, twice, three times because they just had so many amazing outfits. The best part was seeing them really blossom in front of the lens. Nothing awkward about this pre-teen stage, just grace and beauty! 

This photo experience would make an amazing graduation gift. And yes, graduation is right around the corner! If you are looking for a unique and fun gift for your rising 6th grader or 9th grader, consider a photo session. It is so much fun for the girls and a huge confidence booster. Plus, a wonderful memory of this special milestone. Contact me at if you want to learn more. 

Rise above the Noise | NJ Business Branding Photographer

How do you stand out when there are a million coaches, photographers, designers, (you fill in the blank) etc in your industry?

Visual storytelling. Create images that beg to be clicked again and again and again. Share photographs that pack a punch and are never boring. Reveal layers of yourself, your work and your life so that you can connect.

Meet, Susan Parker, a business coach for wellness and health coaches. She mentors women health/wellness professions to create high end packages and charge their worth so they can have financial freedom while changing the world. She is also a mother of two, a wine lover and globe-trotter. 

She joined my REVEAL personal branding photography program because she wanted her story and message to differentiate herself from the rest of the market. With several years of experience already under her belt, Susan was eager to up level her business with images that expressed her values and mission. She was ready to put her face to her brand and get noticed.

Take a look at some of the images we captured for her personal branding photo library. 

Imagine having a robust library of images like this, that you can use across all your marketing platforms from your website to your business card to daily posts on Instagram. All consistent in style and with your message. Say good bye to selfies and photo shame!

I am passionate about helping my fellow women entrepreneurs and business owners tell their stories and stand out through photography. Through visual storytelling, we can really connect and rise above the noise. 

I am now booking REVEAL clients for May and only take 2 clients per month. If you are interested in photography to promote your personal brand, please contact me at and click here. I would love to work with you.